James Stringfellow is the Head of Security for Little Lighthouse Learning Center. He has a background in law enforcement and is extremely vigilant in making sure all outside and inside areas are monitored and secure. Cameras inside and outside the building allow us access to see what is taking place on our property. No one is permitted in the building without a prior appointment. All visitors must provide identification and sign the logbook on arrival and departure.
The only time that the children are allowed outside of the building is when one of our security team is on duty. Staff carry military grade walkie talkies and cell phones allowing for immediate communication to both security and the office should they need assistance. A member of our security team monitors the grounds and is in constant contact with teachers and office staff.
Little Lighthouse will continue to strive, as always, to put the safety of your children first at the center. Thank you trusting us with your most precious gift.

Palma Stipe, Executive Director
Linda West, Program Director